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Favorite Caribbean Island Destinations: Northeastern Part

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Per the northeastern Caribbean area, I prefer the island of St. Martin/Maarten; friendly people, interesting cultures, and beautiful scenery permeate throughout the entire two-nation island.  With the tandem Dutch culture on the southern side (capital Phillipsburg) and French culture on the northern side (capital Marigot), St. Martin/Maarten makes for a very interesting cultural setting which is encapsulated all on one small island.  The Dutch side is known for its great nightlife and shopping, whereas the French side is known for its excellent restaurants, luxurious hotels, exotic beaches, and high-fashion boutiques.  And seeing the French flag flying amongst the palm trees while dining at a cafe in laid-back Marigot was quite a surreal sight to behold for my family and me during our one day excursion there.  So in a nutshell, even though St. Martin/Maarten is thoroughly developed and somewhat busy, it is still worth looking into as a very enlightening vacation stop  (i.e., if even for only a day or so).


Written by Larry Fry, CCP, MBA

July 13, 2009 at 4:05 pm

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