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Cuba Updating the State’s Role in the Economy?

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If the Cuban government (i.e., Castro) is really serious about taking a stab at state capitalism, then let’s offer to close out the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and convert it into a mega-resort and cruise ship terminal complex for Caribbean destined tourists.  The idle Cuban work force could be employed as laborers for the project and then trained as hospitality workers to be employed at the complex once it has been completed.  Cuba has a lot of potential as a Caribbean tourist destination and the Cuban government needs to recognize this fact and start trying to “capitalize” on it in order to pull the nation out of its current state of economic malaise.  The conversion of the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (which is no longer needed these days) into a pristine resort complex by a top-flight entrepreneurial group would be a “win-win” proposition for all parties involved. And communist countries such as China (and now Viet Nam) are proving that state capitalism is far better than no capitalism at all, so the Cuban government needs to take heed and take action before it is too late.


Written by Larry Fry, CCP, MBA

August 2, 2010 at 10:52 am

Favorite Caribbean Island Destinations: Bahamas Area

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One of my all-time favorite destinations in the Bahamas area is Tiamo Resort, which is located in South Andros Island ( ).  Tiamo is  a world class, leading-edge luxury eco-resort located in a very pristine (and eco-sensitive)  area of the Bahamas.  Approximately two years ago my teenage son and I stayed at Tiamo Resort for a four night father-son bonding trip to get away from the everyday distractions of our very busy lives.  We had a wonderful time there as we were able to take part in numerous outdoor activities (e.g., guided fishing, snorkeling, hiking, sailing, swimming, etc.) that we both thoroughly enjoyed.  Tiamo is great from the standpoint that you can be as active (or inactive) as you want during your stay there and still come away thoroughly relaxed due to its laid-back, pristine environment.  My son and I stayed very busy during our entire four-day stay there and had a wonderful  time.   In addition, we both came away very pleased with the quality of the food and services there, as they were both excellent.

On the “green” side, I came away very impressed with how Tiamo’s management is able to create a strong tandem of ecological and economic sustainabilities while producing a high quality vacation experience at the same time (i.e., with minimal impact on the eco-sensitive environment).  Apparently the southwestern part of Andros Island is one of the least explored areas remaining in the western hemisphere, and it serves as an important habitat for many different species of coastal based wildlife.  In fact, during a guided fishing trip there I felt like I was in one of the last remaining bastions of “God’s country”, as the abundance of fish, endangered sea turtles, birds, and other wildlife species in this pristine environment was something to behold.  Anyway, Tiamo Resort should be commended for its dedication to the ecological sustainability of this eco-sensitive area while enabling vacationers to enjoy this environment without inducing any measureable damage to it.  Finally, taking the “behind the scenes” tour of the self-sustaining operations at Tiamo serves as a great way to see for yourself how an eco-resort can be operated the right way (i.e., from a self-sustaining, ecological standpoint) while maintaining economic sustainability at the same time.

Written by Larry Fry, CCP, MBA

July 14, 2009 at 11:40 pm

Favorite Caribbean Island Destinations: Northeastern Part

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Per the northeastern Caribbean area, I prefer the island of St. Martin/Maarten; friendly people, interesting cultures, and beautiful scenery permeate throughout the entire two-nation island.  With the tandem Dutch culture on the southern side (capital Phillipsburg) and French culture on the northern side (capital Marigot), St. Martin/Maarten makes for a very interesting cultural setting which is encapsulated all on one small island.  The Dutch side is known for its great nightlife and shopping, whereas the French side is known for its excellent restaurants, luxurious hotels, exotic beaches, and high-fashion boutiques.  And seeing the French flag flying amongst the palm trees while dining at a cafe in laid-back Marigot was quite a surreal sight to behold for my family and me during our one day excursion there.  So in a nutshell, even though St. Martin/Maarten is thoroughly developed and somewhat busy, it is still worth looking into as a very enlightening vacation stop  (i.e., if even for only a day or so).

Written by Larry Fry, CCP, MBA

July 13, 2009 at 4:05 pm

Bahamas/NOAA/Reef Lionfish Sightings Reporting Links

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This short blog forwards a request from the government of the Bahamas asking all residents and non-residents alike to  report any Lionfish sightings observed while diving/snorkeling/swimming.  My son and  I utilized this link to report a Lionfish sighting of our own while snorkeling over an elkhorn reef area off of South Andros Island (i.e., outside the South Bight entrance -> near the AUTEC’ island site) in July, 2007.  The invasive Lionfish is dangerous to divers, snorkelers, and swimmers due to its venomous spiny fins and is destructive to the coral reef based ecosystems as well.  In addition, it has no natural predators in the Atlantic basin (i.e., Bahamas, Caribbean, etc).  The monitoring and eventual control of the spreading of this invasive species of fish is critical in order to preserve the long-term ecosystem of the Bahamas and other adjacent areas (including Florida).

“An invasive species is a non-native species that reproduces and establishes a population in its new ecosystem.  Invasive species affect every part of the world resulting in loss of native species and biological diversity.   The venomous lionfish, a native of the Indo-Pacific Region, has recently invaded the Bahamian archipelago.  In an effort to establish an invasion management program and policy development, The Department of Marine Resources in collaboration with the College of The Bahamas Marine and Environmental Studies Institute (COB-MESI) has launched an online Lionfish Sighting Survey.  This survey is in conjunction with a long-term National Lionfish Response Project that will allow ecological research to determine what affects the lionfish invasion has on our marine resources.  Please click on the Lionfish (Bahamas link) below to report lionfish sightings throughout the Bahamas.”

Lionfish Bahamas:

In addition, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) link for reporting Lionfish sightings along the Atlantic seaboard (& which includes some highly educational pages on the subject matter) is invoked via the following URL:

Finally, also has a link for reporting Lionfish sightings  observed anywhere in the Atlantic, Caribbean, & Gulf of Mexico basins  (& also includes some highly educational pages on the subject matter); it can be  invoked via the following URL:

Written by Larry Fry, CCP, MBA

June 10, 2009 at 6:00 am